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Yakka Technical Services LLC provides cutting-edge face recognition camera systems that deliver unparalleled protection. We offer a comprehensive range of camera systems designed to elevate your security posture. Our company aims to provide unparalleled protection for businesses and residences across the UAE. Enhance your security now with our advanced facial recognition cameras!

Unleash the Power of Advanced Security With Face Recognition Cameras

The new norm for security in the UAE is the use of face recognition cameras. This advanced technology goes beyond simple surveillance, identifying individuals based on their facial features. In comparison with other methods, face recognition has its benefits. It provides a precise identification of the people who are allowed to access the premises and discourages the rest from doing so. Also, it helps control access by only allowing approved people entry to a certain place.

It can help get a faster response by monitoring and reporting suspicious activity in real time. Furthermore, facial recognition can even assist in investigations by pointing out people who were in the area during a security breach. Therefore, face recognition cameras are an effective solution for businesses that want to enhance security, productivity, and confidence. If you want to upgrade your security, try our advanced CCTV monitoring and face recognition solutions!

A face recognition camera mounted on a pole is used for security and surveillance purposes.

Next-Level Security With Different Types of Face Recognition Cameras

Facial Recognition Access Control Systems

They are connected with access control systems so that only authorised people recognised by the facial recognition system can enter certain premises.

Face Detection Cameras

These cameras are intended to capture faces in a given area. They may trigger an alarm or start recording once they detect a face.

Multi-Factor Authentication Systems

Integrate facial recognition with other forms of identification for security purposes such as key card or fingerprint identification.

Why Choose Yakka Technical Services LLC For Your Face Recognition Camera System?

We have a team who have vast experience in the installation and maintenance of the latest face-recognition camera systems.

We offer extensive after-sales service and guarantee that your system will operate efficiently and any problems will be fixed immediately.

Our prices for face recognition camera systems and installation services are affordable to cater to all clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a sub-set of face recognition technology that goes beyond identification and analyses facial expressions or demographics.

Face detection cameras simply identify the presence of a face within the frame. Face recognition cameras take it a step further by identifying the specific individual.

They are quite accurate but can vary with lighting and angles.

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