LifeSmart BLEND Light Strip

A perfect 16 million colors lighting strip with adjustable brightness and preset modes to provide different atmospheres.

BLEND Light Strips offer an ideal means of enhancing the ambiance in any room. Their distinctive flexibility allows for discreet placement in various locations, enabling the showcasing of preferred works of art. With the capacity to generate 16 million distinct lighting effects, featuring adjustable brightness and preset modes, these light strips provide a seamless ability to create the desired atmosphere. Whether orchestrating a romantic dinner or transitioning seamlessly into a festive setting, the user can effortlessly set the mood.

Category: Lights, Smart Lighting
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BLEND Light Strips offer an ideal solution for enhancing the ambiance in any room. Their distinctive flexibility allows discreet placement, enabling the showcasing of cherished artworks. These light strips are capable of generating 16 million unique lighting effects, complete with adjustable brightness and preset modes. This feature ensures effortless mood-setting, whether for an intimate dinner or a lively party, seamlessly transitioning between the two.

An added advantage lies in BLEND’s integration with the entire LifeSmart Smart Home System. This functionality allows for the synchronization of lighting effects with desired ambiences based on factors such as time of day, temperature, or even the opening of a door.

  • 16 Million Color
  • Low Power Consumption LED Technology
  • Sheduling On/Off Setting
  • Free Length Customization
  • Multiple Combination of Triggers
Model Number LS065
Lighting Color 16 million colors + white
Luminous Flux 360lm
Operating Temperature -5~45°C
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Supply DC 24V
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range(Open Field) 200m


Dimensions Strip: 2000*12*3.5mm
Weight Light strip weight:114g/2meters

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