LifeSmart Nature Mini L

The World’s First standard 120 Smart home control panel.

Nature Mini L is a smart home control panel installed at the intersection of moving paths in your home. With a full screen, edge-to-edge touchpad, it could be an in-wall light switch, a scene panel, a weather display, or even works like a thermostat. Users can control various types of smart equipment at home, switching between modes including Away, Sleep, Film, and Dining; or precisely control their curtains, adjust brightness and color of their lights, and temperatures of their air conditioner. Nature Mini L effectively enhances your smart life experience!

Category: All-in-one Control, Control Center
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Nature Mini L serves as an intelligent home control panel strategically positioned at the convergence of pathways within your residence. Featuring a full-screen, edge-to-edge touchpad, it seamlessly functions as an in-wall light switch, scene panel, weather display, or even emulates a thermostat. Users gain the ability to manage a diverse range of smart devices at home, effortlessly transitioning between modes such as Away, Sleep, Film, and Dining. Additionally, precise control extends to managing curtains, adjusting light brightness and color, and regulating air conditioner temperatures. With its versatile capabilities, Nature Mini L significantly elevates the overall experience of your smart home, offering a seamless and enhanced level of control for a more convenient and connected lifestyle.

  • 480*800 high definition 4-inch display
  • Works as both gateway and smart switch
  • Built-in speaker
  • Linux OS to ensure low-power and stable operation
  • 16A magnetic latching relay to ensure the electrical safety
  • Supports voice control via Google, Alexa, and HomeKit by adding Nature Mini switches to LifeSmart Smart Station
  • Remote control via mobile app
  • Supports 2.5G+5G Wi-Fi connection
  • Supports multiple protocols including CoSS, Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi
Model Number LS218
Installation In-wall concealed with 120 back box
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Network Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Interface Live/Neutral/Light1/Light2/Light3 wire in
Screen 4 inch
Resolution 480*800
Operation System Linux
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Bluetooth No
Speaker Yes



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