LifeSmart Nature Mini PRO

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Nature Mini PRO is a smart home control panel installed at the intersec- tion of moving paths in your home. It has a 4-inch HD touch screen to provide you with a wide visual space and a comfortable interaction experience. With a powerful hardware platform to support multi-mode protocols and a customized operating system, it can transmit control signals to smart home devices and receive status feedback, thus realizing control functions of smart devices such as turning off lights and opening curtains.

Nature Mini PRO supports multiple protocols including CoSS, Zigbee, dual brand Wi-Fi and BLE.

Category: All-in-one Control, Control Center
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The Nature Mini PRO serves as an intelligent home control panel strategically positioned at key intersections within your living space. Equipped with a 4-inch HD touch screen, it offers an expansive visual interface and a user-friendly interaction experience. Powered by a robust hardware platform accommodating multi-mode protocols and a tailored operating system, it efficiently communicates control signals to smart home devices. This enables seamless control functions, allowing you to, for instance, turn off lights or open curtains effortlessly.

Compatibility is a strength of the Nature Mini PRO, supporting various protocols such as CoSS, Zigbee, dual-band Wi-Fi, and BLE. This ensures flexibility in connectivity, making it an ideal and versatile solution for managing diverse smart devices within your home.

  • Anti-Fingerprint HD Full-color Touch Screen
  • Multi-protocol Wireless Transmission Protocol
  • 5G+2.4g Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Reddot Award Best of the Best
  • Ultra Low Power
  • Performance Upgrade
Model Number LS268
Installation In-wall concealed with 86 back box
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Network Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Interface Live/Neutral/Light1/Light2/Light3 wire in;
Screen 4 inch
Resolution 480*480
Operation System Linux
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes



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